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Definition and classification of slippers industry Slippers is what we will use in daily life, so what is the definition and classification of slippers industry?Let's go to see!The following is a small make up to you to sort out by the report hall of slippers industry definition and the classification: Slippers industry definition Slippers is one of the shoes, followed by a completely empty, only have shoes in front of the head, is flat, more material is often quite soft leather, plastic, cloth, etc.Types of slippers and performance purposes are differentiated according to the wearing occasion.Such as the beach shoes, cloth won't be in the system, but plastic, this is in order to waterproof, good cleaning, shoe type also specially designed, often referred to as flip-flops, also is what we call flip-flops.But in order to keep warm, winter indoor slippers, might use wool cloth, instead of using plastic, make people in the bedroom there is a better enjoyment.Otherwise electronics factory and commonly used anti-static dust-free workshop slippers. Slippers industry classification Anti-static slippers Anti-static slippers/sandals type electrostatic dissipative material PU (polyurethane) make soles.Introduced based on the kinematics and physiology HAD system, lightweight shoe body soft, comfortable, breathable wear for a long time not easy fatigue.Suitable for using electrostatic sensitive area, scope of use: dust-free production workshop.Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic tube manufacturing, etc. flip-flops Flip-flops, or flip flops. Flip-flops (Flip Flops) is also called "flip-flops.Listen to the pronunciation of the word, the kick slow rhythm has been coming out of a casual and comfortable.Merchants, after "flip flops" can make ankle, calf and thigh well-balanced, can have wonderful effect on leg strong and handsome;"Said the doctor, wear flip-flops" harmful to health, can lead to joint pain, ankle and a series of foot problems.Debate is in, but not clear, therefore, represents the fashion and freedom, live spilt and happy "flip flops" still is a favorite of young people. Of flip-flops can say quite a long history, as early as in thousands of years humans have used animal skins or all available material wrapped in sole, it can be said to be the flip-flops shoes the first prototype, the basic mechanics principle!As for the later will flip flops forward is Japan and Brazil.In addition to typical Japanese clogs type flip-flops, colloid type is most comfortable for Brazil. Flip-flops so full of spirit of freedom and along with the gender of feeling shoes, popular with designers, is applied to the fashion show.Flip-flops, on the other hand, the structure is simple, but have unlimited creative possibilities.Illustrators and designers can use simple flip-flops clasp when the plane sole free creation of the canvas, and even ordinary consumers can freely create itself, will do flip-flops buckle and sole color free collocation, create a personal design.And a pair of flip-flops of products, also can be decorated by pasting various, do freelance writing again.So the "liberal", how can not let fans team growing of flip-flops. USB slippers A usb slippers, is slippers slippers built-in usb heating tablets.This kind of slippers, mainly refers to use the power of the computer usb port to heating sheet material.Others say usb fever piece for heating film, heating film or electrothermal film, etc.Built-in usb fever piece of slippers, generally suitable for comparison in the cold winter. Indoor slippers With the improvement of people's life quality, more and more close to people's lives, generally divided into cotton slippers, indoor slippers slippers, bathroom slippers, slippers to lose weight, exercise slippers, wipe to slippers, disposable slippers drag (hotel), etc., as the name implies, no matter what kind of indoor slippers, are used in the room is given priority to, the characteristics of convenient, health, warm, comfortable make indoor slippers gradually become an indispensable part of people's life. High-heeled sandals Ladies wear sandals, sometimes maybe like slippers, is only the top of the shoe without the heel, but often there is a high heels instead of a flat, not at this time is called slippers, which are referred to as high-heeled shoes or sandals.