Moon cake box production plant plans to implement

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According to report of xinhua news agency necessary summer flip-flops are young, light and breathable, belongs to the bargains for most people, usually no more than $20.American contemporary artist David palmer teamed up with Chipkos flip-flops brand, build flip-flops, known as the "world's most expensive", a pair of $18000 (about 110000 yuan).Sell so expensive that Chipkos reason: sales revenue is used to protect tropical forests. The world's most expensive slippers: a pair of $18000 The world's most expensive slippers: a pair of $18000 Chipkos commitment, each selling a pair of this kind of flip-flops that adopt 100 square feet (about 9 meters) disappearing tropical rain forest in costa rica, in order to protect land, species and natural resources."Tropical rain forest" has been the Chipkos flip-flops regular pattern, the market typically cost $58 a pair.Flip-flops for the same lineage "tropical rainforests" pattern design, made from palmer hand-painted.Production material itself also contains environmental element, for example, using lafite tree fiber and reclaimed rubber, etc. In addition, this kind of flip-flops also contain other special "welfare".Buyers can not only meet with the designers palmer, get the 6 grams of 18 k gold, made by hand Chipkos badge, can also be California montage hotel, enjoy two nights luxury, environmental protection experience.According to the Chipkos official website, montage hotel has the United States green building council gold certification.