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Came to Rio, for goods produced in Brazil, people familiar with is two brands, Havana flip-flops and Melissa jelly shoes. Came to Rio, a lot of tourists will naturally to the shopping mall to go for a walk to see see, and for goods made in Brazil, people familiar with is two brands, Havana flip-flops and Melissa jelly shoes.Local time on August 13, the reporter comes to Rio Bach shopping mall field experience. Bach shopping mall and together is the New York City, has become one of the biggest shopping center in Rio.Here, nature is little not Melissa and Havana.The two stores are people too, attracts many tourists to visit. Melissa jelly shoes is a kind of relatively cheap shoes, the price is in commonly between 100-200 reais, compare easy to accept, because use the PVC and plastic materials as raw materials, destined to its price is not too high.Melissa unique texture and bright color, and has the characteristics of waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and it has become a trend in many urban women chasing. In Brazil and jelly shoes, almost everyone has a pair of flip-flops, and numerous brands, Havana flip flops.Adopts the hundred rubber materials, create a comfortable and soft accord with human body Labour to learn the charm of sandals, and colorful flower pattern, has become the Brazilian indispensable items in the streets or beach.Love beautiful girls also can pass on the shoes and all kinds of small pendant to give their love shoes Compose.Reporter noticed that, as for the celebration of the Olympic Games, in addition to the traditional monochrome and classic, Havana flip-flops also launched a edition of the Olympic Games.And these also let visitors came to Rio, athletes and other people have more and more choice.